Adelaide Crapsey Poems

Adelaide Crapsey Poems


(1) The rose new-opening saith,And the dew of the morning saith,(Fallen leaves and vanished dew)Remember death.Ding dong bellDing dong bell (2) May-moon thin and youngIn the sky,Ere you wax and waneI shall die;So my faltering breath,So my tired heart saith,That foretell me death.Ding-dongDing-dongDing-dong ding-dong bell (3) ‘Thy gold hair likes me wellAnd thy blue eyes,’ …

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Birth Moment

Birth Moment Behold her,Running through the wavesEager to reach the land;The water laps her,Sun and wind are on her,Healthy, brine-drenched and young,Behold Desire new-born;-Desire on first fulfillment’s radiant edge,Love at miraculous moment of emergence,This is she,Who running,Hastens, hastens to the land. Look. . Look. .Her blown gold hair and lucent eyes of youth,Her body rose …

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Avis, the fair, at dawnRose lightly from her bed,Herself arrayed,Avis, the fait, the maid,In vestiment of lawn;Across the fields she sped,Five flowerets there she found,In fragrant garland wound,Avis, the fair, ar dawn,Five roses red. Go thou from thence of thy pity!Thou lov’st not me.

Aubade Poem

Aubade Poem The morning is new and the skies are fresh washed with light,The day cometh in with the sun and I awake laughing. Hasten, belov`ed!For see, while you were yet sleepingThe cool and virgin feet of dawn went soundless over grey meadows, And the earth is requickened under her touch.The vision that came with …

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Angelique Poem

Angelique Poem A flickering light near spentHer pale hand bore. Have you seen Angelique?Will she know the placeDead feet must find,The grave-cloth on her faceTo make her blind? Have you seen Angelique. .At night I hear her moan,And I shiver in my bed;She wanders all alone,She cannot find the dead.