Adelaide Anne Procter Poems

Adelaide Anne Procter Poems

The Requital

LOUD roared the tempest,Fast fell the sleet;A little Child AngelPassed down the street,With trailing pinionsAnd weary feet. The moon was hidden;No stars were bright;So she could not shelterIn heaven that night,For the Angels’ laddersAre rays of light. She beat her wingsAt each windowpane,And pleaded for shelter,But all in vain;—“Listen,” they said,“To the pelting rain!” She …

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You have taken back the promiseThat you spoke so long ago;Taken back the heart you gave me-I must even let it go.Where Love once has breathed, Pride dieth,So I struggled, but in vain,First to keep the links together,Then to piece the broken chain. But it might not be-so freelyAll your friendship I restore,And the heart …

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He was the first always: FortuneShone bright in his face.I fought for years; with no effortHe conquered the place:We ran; my feet were all beeding,But he won the race. Spite of his many successes,Men loved him the same;My one pale ray of good fortuneMet scoffing and blame.When we erred, they gave him pity,But me — …

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Doubting Heart

WHERE are the swallows fled?Frozen and dead,Perchance, upon some bleak and stormy shore.O doubting heart!Far over purple seasThey wait, in sunny ease,The balmy southern breeze,To bring them to their northern homes once more. Why must the flowers die?Prison’d they lieIn the cold tomb, heedless of tears or rain.O doubting heart!They only sleep belowThe soft white …

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